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Paul Serrato: Urban Fingerprints

Paul Serrato's new release for 2014 is: Love Matters.


Paul Serrato's Urban Fingerprints, his ninth album, includes ten selections from a date in June, 2015 in New York City. Paul Serrato, at the piano, is joined by Hillard Greene, on the bass. "Close your eyes and listen to Paul Serrato and you are immediately transported to a cool downtown jazz club in New York City. Serrato's virtuoso piano playing weaves through compositions, eschewing anything jarring or discordant. In turn playful, thoughtful, energetic and joyful, Paul displays his classical piano training and the respect the composer and arranger has for classic jazz." - Hope Ferguson

Urban Fingerprints is available. You may call Homers at (402)346-0264.

Or you may contact Paul at Graffiti Productions: (402)505-3489.




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